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Contact Us

There are many ways in which you can contact us:


All general enquiries should be sent to: enquiries@radiofrimleypark.co.uk.

If there is someone specific you would like to contact, then please use the following email addresses:

Chair Malcolm Treen chair@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Secretary Steven King secretary@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Treasurer Frank Chambers treasurer@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Programme Controller Ben Tillett programmes@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Events Manager Bob Fisher events@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Media Manager Alex Saunders media@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Studio Engineer Jim Hazell engineer@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Membership Secretary Mike Grubb membership@radiofrimleypark.co.uk
Webmaster Jim Hazell webmaster@radiofrimleypark.co.uk


Studio phone no: 0300 613 4177


Radio Frimley Park,
The Studio,
Frimley Park Hospital,
Portsmouth Road,
GU16 7UJ

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